Just because we can’t be listen together to this this AWESOME array of talent on stage, doesn’t mean you can’t check them out online. Show your support for the performing arts, and checkout these artist’s channels, albums for sale and ways to keep the arts thriving so when we gather together again, we’ll be able to light up our stages once more!

donna and the buffalo


Donna The Buffalo
8 pm

Donna the Buffalo offers everything you want in a roots band — songs that matter, a groove that makes you dance, an audience that spans generations, and a musical voice that evokes a sense of community.

Dance in the Street, their first new album in five years, captures the dynamic energy that has earned the band the love and respect of their fans, “the Herd,” for thirty years.

Donna The Buffalo is well known for their lyrics about human potential and community. Throughout Dance in the Street, Jeb Puryear and Tara Nevins, the band’s co-founders, share songs of social commentary and self empowerment.

brother hawk


Brother Hawk
7 pm

Formed in 2010, southern rock band Brother Hawk features four members passionate about rock ‘n’ roll: J.B. Brisendine (vocals/guitar), Nick Johns-Cooper (keys/vocals), James Fedigan (bass), and Allan Carson (drums). With incredible energy, the four piece combines their love for both classic rock legends including Neil Young, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and The Allman Brothers Band with contemporary rock artists including Soundgarden and The Black Crowes.

george jackson

George Jackson
6 pm

At the heart of all traditional music lies two important coordinates, the time and place of origin; objective definitions in the ever evolving aesthetics of folk music.  These coordinates are the concepts explored with infinite new possibility by New Zealand born, American old time fiddler George Jackson on his debut album, Time and Place.  Traveling has been a way of life for Jackson, who was born to musician parents in Christchurch, New Zealand. He spent the better part of his childhood living and touring around in a house bus with his family band.  An avid student of American fiddle styles, Jackson eventually made his way to Nashville, TN where he now lives.