Due South’s 9th season may be canceled, but you can still kick up your heels at this ‘true grit’ festival virtual style, celebrating all things southern! You and your friends don’t have to travel at all to experience the best TASTES, sights and sounds inspired by our shared heritage.

Thomasville Center for the Arts, in partnership with Thomasville National Bank, typically present the popular SHINDIG party and Concert in The Ritz Amphitheater located in The Bottom, Thomasville’s thriving creative district. This year’s headliner would’ve surely gotten your boots movin’ – guaranteed! Donna the Buffalo… (herd of ‘em?) offers everything you want in a roots band — songs that matter, a groove that makes you dance, an audience that spans generations, and a musical voice that evokes a sense of community. Donna the Buffalo, and some of our other faves can be found on our Spotify channel! “Official Due South”.

Sponsorship opportunities of various levels are usually available, and will be again soon! The funds raised benefit the Center for the Arts’ mission to encourage artistic expression and purposeful creativity to connect people to one another.

Seats always sell out early when word gets out about what we’re cookin’ up, this year everyone gets access to window shop what the festival is about.

Thank you for your continued support – we’re in this together, and can’t wait to hang out with you again real soon!

See you at the stage (that would be your web browser this year)!

All proceeds go to further Thomasville Center for the Arts’ education and outreach programs which serve over 9,000 students annually, with 600 young creatives coming through our doors daily to receive an arts education that broadens their minds, builds confidence, and boosts their creative thinking and problem-solving skills. These skills aid our children in all aspects of life, helping to propel them towards their bright futures.